Educate.   Empower.   Encourage.


About Us

Kwindla is a xhosa calendar month for March meaning "month of the first fruits". Kwindla Institute of Learning & Consulting was established in 2013 and a registered training provider focused on delivering industry and job-specific skills assessments and training interventions. 

Kwindla Institute was officially registered and accredited in 2013; it is 100% black woman owned, controlled and managed. 

The company is a level 1 B-BBEE.


We seek to deliver superior training and business coaching with the goal of attracting, developing, motivating and retaining a diverse workforce in a supportive and working environment. 


Our mission is to contribute and transform lives through pursuit of education, by providing tools to become better leaders, build great teams and their organisations wins at the highest level of excellence.

 Our Objectives

It Is to offer accurate, timely training and facilitation, tailored to diverse audience, with the goal of promoting informed decision- making and furthering the core missions of the Institution.

At Kwindla we value:

  • INTERGRITY - we deal with everyone honestly and responsibly, meeting the highest standards of ethical behaviour.
  • COMMITMENT - enthusiasm, passion and making a meaningful contribution to our clients.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - we are individually responsible for the work produced and the outcome of our actions.
  • CUSTOMER CENTRICITY - anticipating our clients needs and providing excellent service as our standard. 
  • PEOPLE CENTRICITY -  treating others with dignity and positive regard, and co-operating to achieve excellence.